KML is thinking Green

As guardians of our fragile ecosystem, the Keys Marine Lab is committed to making this facility Green Friendly. KML staff is requesting your assistance in the effort to "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle". New recycle bins have been placed in each dorm and around the grounds for your convenience.
While staying on site, we are asking our guests to make the effort to separate all discarded glass, aluminum cans, and plastics into the appropriate bins.

KML’s on-site Recycling Center, located within the dumpster area, is the central collection area for all your recyclables at the end of your stay. Plastic bags and Styrofoam egg cartons can be recycled at Publix and Winndixie grocery stores in marked containers at the front entrance.

“Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”


Sea wall |||amp; marina project is taking shape

The beautiful new sea wall at KML is really shaping up. This massive project began last fall with construction crews working long hours, often 6 days a week. The marina has been dredged and the big cranes and backhoes are gone now that the metal retaining wall is set, the pilings are in, and the boulders of rip-rap are in place.

Our new boat ramp is slowly materializing as concrete forms are pulled away. Quite a bit of work remains before the ramp and marina is usable.

The cement seawall cap is poured from the east end of KML, past the old observation deck and wet lab, and out to the old pump house. Progress has been slow but steady.


St. Louis, MO group explores Keys habitats

Recent visitors to KML included a group of 13 students from St. Louis Community College and Washington University from St Louis, MO. Dr. Mark Manteuffel, first time visitor to KML, introduced his students to the common flora and fauna associated with the varied habitats of the Florida Keys. Students had the opportunity to snorkel among the mangroves of Zane Grey Creek, explore a near-shore hardbottom site off Craig Key, and take a trip to Alligator Reef where they snorkeled and tried their hand at plankton tows. And of course no Keys experience is complete without a day in Key West!
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