Seawater Top Photo
The Keys Marine Laboratory has a variety of replicate experimental tanks, large holding tanks, and wet tables available for use by visiting scientists and educators. Seawater is pulled from the Lagoon in front of the wet lab and splashed into a holding pond. The holding pond is the source of seawater for all of the various tanks and tables with some options for sand filtration for several of the tanks. Over-flow from the holding pond feeds directly into The Shallows, our large 220,000 gallon saltwater mesocosym.

Please contact the laboratory with any questions you may have about the laboratory seawater system or tank configurations which are not addressed here and for pricing.

Current KML Tank Roster

Wet Lab Pavilion Pic
The open-air Wet Lab Pavilion is an ideal work space for both student groups and researchers with wet tables, acrylic tanks, sturdy bench space, salt water and freshwater hoses. The lab is located right next to the seawall, providing quick access by boat to drop off specimens and the open air format helps cool things down in the heat of summer. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

3 wet tables (23” x 6’ x 10” deep) under the Wet Lab Pavilion hold live specimens for observation.
Flow-thru acrylic seawater tanks: ten 6"x6"x6" 0.8-gal capacity, eight 12"x15"x12" deep 8-gal capacity, six 12"x24"x12" deep 12-gal capacity.
Twelve 12-gal replicate acrylic seawater tanks (12" x 24" x12" deep), inquire for optional filtration (50µ - 0.35µ) for these tanks.
Tanks and Shallows Pic
Our seawater is drawn from the lagoon near the wet lab, aerated and allowed to settle in the large holding pond shown above. From there, water is pumped to the tanks in and surrounding the wet lab and to the shallows behind the lab. Seawater parameters (Temp, O2) are taken daily and are available on request from laboratory staff. Click here to see the construction of the new seawater system after Hurricane Wilma. Please contact KML for pricing and availability of tanks and The Shallows. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Shaded (filtered sunlight) wet tables and a variety of holding tanks.
Two 350-gal capacity tanks (6' diameter maximum, maximum depth 24").
One 1100-gal capacity (8' diameter, 36" maximum depth).
Four 12' long fiberglass raceways 21” wide, 16” deep, 150-gal capacity (seawater aeration & holding pond in the fore-ground).
The Shallows are a huge, flow-thru seawater pond located on the lab grounds. This pond is ideal for large scale experiments run under "semi-field" conditions.
The pond has a 220,000 gallon capacity, with a maximum depth of 4'.