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The Keys Marine Laboratory offers many solutions to research and education needs, including two expanded seawater systems: a new state-of-the-art seawater well system and a bay seawater system. These systems offer the flexibility of either reef-quality, temperature-controlled tanks and tables or a similar variety of replicate tanks and tables, including a large marine pond (The Shallows) supplied directly from Florida Bay. Open air wet labs, air conditioned dry labs, and a large classroom allow the KML to accommodate nearly any marine research or education project involving live plants or animals. Additionally, dorms and long-term housing allow groups to stay on-site for short-term or extended periods of time. Select from the options below or at the right for more information. Call for availability before submiting your Facility Use Request Form (FURF) to reserve space. Please see FORMS page for all necessary doccuments.

Current KML Rates (new rates effective January 2019)

KML has housing available for both large and small research and education groups for a few days or much longer periods.
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The KML seawater systems supply tanks, water tables, experimental enclosures, and wet labs with a constant flow of of either reef quality seawater or water directly from Florida Bay. These are highly scalable systems which allow for a wide variety of experiments to be run under controlled conditions at the lab.
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The dry laboratories and classroom are all located in an air-conditioned building near the center of the KML grounds. The dry labs can be configured for use by researchers or educational groups. The classroom can be utilized for graduate- and undergraduate-level courses, workshops, and symposia.
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The KML Boat fleet consists both of captained-supplied vessels up to 30ft as well as a few smaller user-operated boats for rent.
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